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"My kids were just shy of 2 years old and 4 years old when I started working with Maura. I had already read a number of parenting books and tried different parenting strategies but was still struggling with my two strong-willed toddlers. I frequently felt hopeless and defeated when it came to dealing with my kids’ behavior. 

I was drawn to Maura’s method for getting kids to behave because it’s different than much of the current parenting advice that’s out there today. And also, because it doesn’t just make life easier for the parents, but it’s really about what’s best for the kids and their long-term success. 

I learned about the overarching principles of getting kids to behave and specific actions I could take to influence my kids’ behavior in certain situations. The advice was practical and applicable. I started noticing changes in my kids’ behavior quickly as I applied what I was learning. 

Maura has taken her years of experience getting school-aged kids to behave and has adapted it to toddlers with age-appropriate strategies that work! I would recommend this program to any parent who struggles with their child’s behavior. I feel more confident as a parent now that I’m using strategies that are both firm and respectful."

-Marissa K.

"My daughter who was diagnosed with ADHD, and ODD worked with Maura during 2nd grade. Maura provided a comfortable environment, which included positive reinforcement and a reward system. She worked closely with me, supplied resources and structure to use at home. Maura's dedication led my daughter's behavior to excel and achieve goals that were set in her IEP and beyond. Today, she is 15 years old and recalls the positivity and teachings Maura provided for her. She is no longer diagnosed with ODD and is doing well with receiving and giving communication in a respectful manner. Myself too! I have become a better parent because of Maura. Both my daughter and I recommend Maura's methods to assist you in your child's behavior challenges."

-Malissa S.

"Maura was our daughter’s teacher (which started off remote only) for the 2020-2021 school year. Our daughter has always had really, really big feelings, and her reactions can be over the top. Maura not only did a stellar job of helping her stay on track academically, but she was incredible at handling her emotional needs too.

Maura took the time to listen to her when she was having her reactions in a calm and patient way, which gave our daughter the opportunity to explore those feelings and be able to articulate exactly what she was feeling. The first time I heard a typical meltdown from our daughter, I expected to hear a firm reprimand from Maura, but what I heard instead was a patient, compassionate tone. This calmed our daughter down, a conversation was able to be had to identify what the issue was, and Maura was able to respond to that with clear reason while our daughter felt heard and understood. As the year went on, Maura helped our daughter learn how to match her reactions to the issues in the moment/that arose for her.

We couldn't be happier with the growth that we saw in our daughter in just a short time. We owe so much to Maura for the time and care that she gave to help our daughter grow as a person and as a student."


-Danny & Erin

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