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Option 1:  $47 Per Month for The Get Kids To Behave 3 Month Program

Option 2:  $97 Per Month for The Get Kids To Behave 3 Month Program AND WhatsApp text, voice, and video support. You can message me unlimited and I will respond at least once a day. 

Option 3:  Add one-on-one private coaching on an a la carte basis ($60 per session, 1 hour)


  • You cannot stand your kid’s whining and complaining, it’s driving you crazy and you worry that this negative attitude will become a permanent habit in their lives. 

  • Your kids fight you on everything and it seems to be happening more and more. It makes life so difficult! You worry this may harm your relationship with them. 

  • Your kids don’t listen to you, don’t pick up after themselves, can’t be expected to do chores or homework without drama. You wonder is it even possible to turn this around?  

  • Your kids fight with each other with pestering, name-calling, and hitting. You wish they would stop, but you don’t know how to make it happen. You want peace in your home!

  • You want to stop your kid’s talking back, disrespect, rudeness, and hitting! You don’t know how to go about it, so you resign yourself to believing that the only way through this is to accept it and bear through it.

However, kids CAN improve their behavior and you CAN enjoy parenting a lot more…


  • What would it look like if your kids stopped the whining and complaining, while being empowered to voice their opinion still? 

  • What would it be like if your kids nicely cooperated with you instead of fighting you on everything? 

  • What if your kids respectfully listened to you, did homework, chores, picked up after themselves, and grew to be more and more responsible? 

  • Can you imagine your kids resolving conflicts on their own in healthy ways?

  • How would it feel to know exactly how to guide your kids to transform their negative behavior into positive behavior that empowers them? 

Learn the step by step process that teaches you how to improve your kid’s behavior...


For years, kids wouldn’t listen to me or follow my directions. Some would even hit, bite, or say mean things to me. I’d watch these same kids behave so nicely with other adults, then once they were back with me, their negative behavior would return. I wracked my brain to figure out why this was happening! Over my 25 year career working with kids, I have learned what it takes to successfully bring out the best in kids and I am passionate about teaching this to you!

The Get Kids To Behave (And Be Empowered For Life) 12 Week Program will show you step by step how to guide your kids into improved behavior! Learn the winning tenets and strategies that successfully help you transform your kid’s negative behavior into respect, consideration, understanding, and cooperation!


  • Gain the confidence to know how to respond well to your kid’s negative behaviors!

  • Learn the steps and strategies to lead your kids into listening to you and cooperating!

  • Gain and maintain your kid’s respect for you!

  • Enjoy parenting so much more!

  • Be assured that your kids are growing the healthy social and emotional skills that are needed to be successful in life!

"Thank you very much Maura for your lessons! My kids’ behaviors and acting out have diminished since the beginning of the classes. I'm honored to say that as a parent I have grown stronger & more understanding. These lessons helped encourage my kids to say what they feel and what they need. By the methods learned in this program, now I can understand my kids’ point of view. I have stopped being that mom that only screamed and that couldn't understand their bad behaviors. Now I can continue applying what I have learned to help my kids be positive, open-minded & caring individuals. I am so grateful that I was able to be part of this program where I learned a lot in such a short time. I feel relieved and relaxed that I am doing a great job of being a good parent in the right way. Thank you Maura once again for allowing me to be part of this great experience!" ~From Kasandra M.​


  • The step by step program includes 12 lesson modules. Each lesson is a video where I walk you through the strategy. Watch the video at the beginning of each week and then practice what you’ve learned throughout the week. Print out the worksheet PDF for each lesson that will help you remember and successfully apply the strategies. The program is designed for you to complete one lesson each week, therefore taking 12 weeks. This way, you can build your mastery week by week to improve your kid’s behavior!

  • You also receive weekly group coaching virtual Meet-Ups each Thursday, from 8 - 9 pm Central Time. Here, we practice the strategies together and you benefit from coaching to learn how to successfully implement the strategies in your own unique situations! If you cannot attend the live coachings, send in your questions or struggles and I will respond to them. Recordings will be available to you to watch later.

  • Archive of past coaching session recordings with topics covered will be available to you. 

  • Bonus sections continually added to the program on specific topics and questions that parents ask.

  • A before and after program survey so that we can see the results of your kid’s improved behavior in various categories.

The topics of the 12 lessons that will show you how to improve your kid’s behavior: 
The 12 Lessons of GKTB Program .png

Option 1:  $47 Per Month for The Get Kids To Behave 3 Month Program

Option 2:  $97 Per Month for The Get Kids To Behave 3 Month Program AND WhatsApp text, voice, and video support. You can message me unlimited and I will respond at least once a day. 

Option 3:  Add one-on-one private coaching on an a la carte basis ($60 per session, 1 hour)

“I would like to give a huge thanks to Maura for successfully helping me out when I was desperately seeking help on my son's behavior problems at school. She knows what she is doing. I'm sure she can help you all out with your children too.
I'm amazed with the huge turn around in such little time
Storytime lol
This was all very recent btw.
I would get a call everyday being told he's physically hurting everyone, having big meltdowns & throwing furniture..just plain out not listening to anyone at school. It went on for a little over a month and got worse every time.
I had so many talks with him and consequences that didn't work. No one at school was able to figure out a way to help him or calm him down..some told me I might have to get him evaluated by a medical professional for adhd. He was on the edge of being kicked out of PRESCHOOL! There was so much negative talk my son would call himself a bad boy which was so heartbreaking.
Thankfully with Maura's great knowledge and advice/coaching her strategies, my son has had major improvement at school and at well as myself! I've noticed he has more character, awareness and understanding with his surroundings. My boy now tells me all about his day and any little problems he came across and how he handled it(in a positive way)
It wasn't so hard to get where we are now, Maura's strategies were easy to apply. LOTS of positive talk, we didn't focus all on the bad that went on. Role playing. We'd sometimes create the 'bad' scenarios that went on at school and came up with ideas on how it can be handled the next time. My son is now being a great leader at school and home. He doesn't know this but, he's teaching the other children at school some positive rules. I'm so proud.
Huge thanks to you Maura.” 
~From, Beverly


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The 12 Week Get Kids To Behave Program will be led by me, Maura Ardam! When I began my teaching career in 1997, the kids walked all over me, didn’t listen to me, and I couldn’t get them to do much. I just wanted kids to like me, but they had little respect for me. I was so intrigued by those teachers who brought out the best in kids, while for some reason, I seemed to bring out the worst in them. As the years passed, I interviewed teachers, read books, listened to cassette tapes, and most importantly, tried what I learned each year. I studied the impact it all had on the kids, and saw what worked to develop wonderful character traits in kids versus what didn’t. Eventually, I became so masterful at helping kids with “bad” behavior transform so positively, that I felt a responsibility to share what I learned with parents. The kids in my classes experience such positive changes: from rude, selfish, inconsiderate, to respectful, kind, and cooperative. It’s my passion to teach parents how to bring the best out of kids, as parents have much more sustainable influence over kids than a teacher. 


As a distinguished, seasoned teacher, I have three Master’s Degrees. They are in Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction, and in Social and Emotional Learning. I am a National Board Certified Teacher, mentor, graduate of Landmark Education, parent coach, and Founder and CEO of Get Kids To Behave (And Be Empowered For Life). 


This program is for parents, teachers, caretakers, or any adult who is interested in bringing the best out of and improving the behavior of toddler to preteen aged kids. My strategies and approach have been proven to work in my regular education inclusive classroom, including kids with autism, oppositional defiant disorder, developmental delays, learning disorders, ADD, and ADHD. 


This program is not to provide guidance for those adults looking to transform the behavior of teenagers. This program is not for those looking to learn about sleep training, potty training, or feeding kids. If your child has experienced severe trauma or has a type of neurodiversity that would prevent him or her from participating in a regular education inclusive classroom, this program would not be a good fit for you. 

Option 1:  $47 Per Month for The Get Kids To Behave 3 Month Program

Option 2:  $97 Per Month for The Get Kids To Behave 3 Month Program AND WhatsApp text, voice, and video support. You can message me unlimited and I will respond at least once a day. 

Option 3:  Add one-on-one private coaching on an a la carte basis ($60 per session, 1 hour)

"Thank you so much, Maura. You really helped me to see the things that I could improve on in communicating with my 5 yo and setting clear expectations for her to respect me. I realized I had not set up clear expectations for her, in terms of her behavior, and I had not given her steps to improve and make changes little by little. I also realized that when I acted frustrated and overwhelmed, the cycle got much worse. Now that I have noticed this in myself and am able to appear in control, this has helped her to be more controlled, as well. I also really needed the reminders to praise her for all of her amazing qualities and remind her of the specific times she has done a great job. We are experiencing very few tantrums with our 5 yo, compared to several a day a few months ago. She is much happier, and our entire family is happier and more peaceful. I’ll definitely use everything I learned to help with parenting my younger children, as well. The information and real-life examples are tremendously valuable for any parent. Thank you, Maura!" 

~From, Hannah B.


Do you teach “gentle parenting,” “peaceful parenting,” “conscious parenting,” or any other category of parenting approach? 

The Get Kids To Behave Program, philosophy, and approach have been derived from my own unique experiences and education in working with kids. This program is not a formal teaching of any other kind of parenting technique out there. What I teach is my own unique approach that I have used to successfully transform the negative behaviors of students into wonderful and positive behaviors. Although I do not teach “gentle parenting,” I greatly value gentleness as much as possible and that is seen embedded throughout my approach. 


Are you a certified parenting coach? 

I have not taken a course to achieve a certificate in a parenting coaching program. My parenting coaching expertise has been developed through years of successfully working with “bad” behavior kids and then coaching their parents to achieve similar results at home.  


Do you promote yelling?

I do not promote yelling, but there are times when I may coach a parent to be more dynamic in their leadership skills which may involve a louder voice. I coach parents to handle discipline without yelling, however realizing no one is perfect, I also coach parents on how to handle it after they have lost it and yelled. 


Do you promote time-outs or other consequences?

I teach parents to improve their kid’s behavior first with strategies that are not consequences. However, if and when that is not working, I coach the parent to add on the smallest consequence possible that will achieve the desired result. The approach is not punitive, but rather it holds kids accountable for their actions so that their behavior will improve. There are unique nuances embedded throughout all of this that you will learn in the program to ensure respect and empowerment for the child. 


What will happen if I fall behind and cannot complete one lesson each week?

If you need more time to complete the program, you can continue your subscription for just $47 per month with full access to the 12 week program as well as updated content.


If I cannot attend the weekly live group coaching, is registering still worth it?

Yes, I have had many clients who never attended the live coaching yet they achieved amazing results by simply watching the video module lessons and applying what they’ve learned. Also, recordings of the group coaching will be available to you and if you send me a question or something you’re struggling with, I can respond to you in that recording and you can watch it later when you’re available. 

Program Results.png
"Participating in Get Kids To Behave has given me more skills and confidence as a parent, especially when things get tough. It's been helpful to practice how I'll respond through role playing and to make plans ahead of time to address difficult situations. When emotions are running high (mine and the kids'), it's easier for me to stick to the plan knowing that I'm following a proven and effective method. When I consistently implement what I've learned from Maura and Get Kids To Behave I've seen improvements in my kids' behavior - specifically better listening and cooperation - that makes parenting actually feel enjoyable!" ~From Marissa K.


Enjoy parenting while giving your kids the skills and capabilities they need to not only behave better, but be equipped and empowered for life! 

Option 1:  $47 Per Month for The Get Kids To Behave 3 Month Program

Option 2:  $97 Per Month for The Get Kids To Behave 3 Month Program AND WhatsApp text, voice, and video support. You can message me unlimited and I will respond at least once a day. 

Option 3:  Add one-on-one private coaching on an a la carte basis ($60 per session, 1 hour)

Adults do have the ability to curb difficult behavior and influence the skills their children need to learn in order to grow and be healthy, mentally as well as physically.”

~From, Marissa F.

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