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When I began my teaching career in 1997, the kids walked all over me, didn’t listen to me, and I couldn’t get them to do much. I just wanted kids to like me, but they had little respect for me. I was so intrigued by those teachers who brought out the best in kids, while for some reason, I seemed to bring out the worst in them. As the years passed, I interviewed teachers, read books, listened to cassette tapes, and most importantly, tried what I learned each year. I studied the impact it all had on the kids, and saw what worked to develop wonderful character traits in kids versus what didn’t. Eventually, I became so masterful at helping kids with “bad” behavior transform so positively, that I felt a responsibility to share what I learned with parents. The kids in my classes experience such positive changes: from rude, selfish, inconsiderate, to respectful, kind, and cooperative. It’s my passion to teach parents how to bring the best out of kids, as parents have much more sustainable influence over kids than a teacher. 


As a distinguished, seasoned teacher, I have three Master’s Degrees. They are in Educational Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction, and in Social and Emotional Learning. I am a National Board Certified Teacher, mentor, graduate of Landmark Education, parent coach, and Founder and CEO of Get Kids To Behave (And Be Empowered For Life).


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"Thank you so much, Maura. You really helped me to see the things that I could improve on in communicating with my 5 yo and setting clear expectations for her to respect me. I realized I had not set up clear expectations for her, in terms of her behavior, and I had not given her steps to improve and make changes little by little. I also realized that when I acted frustrated and overwhelmed, the cycle got much worse. Now that I have noticed this in myself and am able to appear in control, this has helped her to be more controlled, as well. I also really needed the reminders to praise her for all of her amazing qualities and remind her of the specific times she has done a great job. We are experiencing very few tantrums with our 5 yo, compared to several a day a few months ago. She is much happier, and our entire family is happier and more peaceful. I’ll definitely use everything I learned to help with parenting my younger children, as well. The information and real-life examples are tremendously valuable for any parent. Thank you, Maura!" 

~From, Hannah B.

Alexa Young, CA

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