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My mission to help teach parents how to get their kids to behave is a sustainable way for me to express my care and love for kids and my passion to best support them in being able to deal with life by the time they are grown. I am a public school teacher who has taught various grades (mostly 2nd Grade) for 23 years. In the beginning years of my teaching, kids would act wild, not listen, whine, talk back, have tantrums, etc, and I did not know how to handle it. I was in awe of other teachers who knew how to bring the best out of kids, while I obviously didn’t have this knack. So I began interviewing teachers, reading books, and then applying what I learned in my classroom. Little by little, I gained mastery. 

Now I’m at the point where year after year, kids in my class reliably transform from out-of-control disrespectful behavior to becoming considerate, responsible, and respectful. About 8 years ago, I began meeting with parents after school to help them put in similar structures at home, and families got amazing results. Habits were changed, kids were transformed, and set on a new path in life! Something that took me years to master, I can now teach to others in a fraction of the time. Within the last 2 years, I have also applied my principles to toddler-age kids and am confident in the positive results with this age group as well. Starting off young is extremely beneficial. Once the kids are teens, so much is already set in stone. My program is for toddlers through pre-teens. 

What I see time and time again is how kids thrive when they are correctly disciplined. I believe that parents today who struggle with their kids’ behavior, do excellent jobs in providing the world for their kids, but that they shy away from discipline, in fear of repeating the harshness many of us had in our pasts with rigid parents. However, we shouldn’t overcorrect and wash the baby out with the bath water, so-to-speak. I teach parents how to step into their role as an authority figure in a constructive way, because kids need their parents to do so to feel safe and secure. In disciplining kids with the structures and nuances that I teach, you will get your kids to behave and they will develop an empowered capacity to deal with life as they grow up.

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