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Get Kids To Behave

and empower them for life!

are your Kids hitting, fighting, whining, and being disrespectful?

Get Kids To behave offers classes and coaching to guide you in learning how to help your kids develop the needed skills to improve their behavior and have what it takes to thrive well in life!


Are you struggling because of your kid's negative behavior?

  • Your kid is getting upset so easily and it seems to be happening more and more.

  • Your kids fight and whine and you don't know how to turn this around.

  • You're worried about your kid's level of disrespect that has become such a habit.

  • Parenting is rarely enjoyable to you and you feel bad about this.

And now you're starting to wonder if the only way though this is just accept it and endure...

Kids CAN learn improved behavior!
You CAN enjoy parenting more!

Get Kids To Behave exists to teach you how to positively transform your kid's behavior

You deserve to enjoy raising your kids without the constant struggle of fighting and not listening! 

Your kids deserve to learn the skills from you that are needed to be able to behave better!

You can be assured knowing that you're helping your kids to develop the healthy social and emotional skills that will equip and empower them in their lives!

Take The Steps
To Get Your Kids To Behave

Join Our Community... you can be amongst others who share the same struggles and are striving toward the same goals.

Our private Facebook group is a place to share what you're going through, and get feedback, support, and resources.

Uncover Your Blind Spots... you don't accidentally cause bad behaviors to keep happening!

Get the mindset to see what it takes to begin to turn around your kid's bad behaviors in this free Masterclass.

Help Your Kids To Behave Better... they develop the healthy social and emotional skills that are needed to thrive in life.

Learn how to transform your kid's negative behavior into respect, consideration, and understanding.

~Elizabeth B.

"I have noticed a big change in my son's behavior, especially at school. He went from having 4 bad days a week to now having mostly good days. He has gained more optimism and confidence. Also, this course has given me more confidence as well and I have been able to stay consistent and firm with discipline. We also talk about how we can handle big feelings and that is working too. He has controlled himself better than I have ever seen him do. Thank you so much!"

~Beverly V.

“I would like to give a huge thanks to Maura for successfully helping me out when I was desperately seeking help on my son's behavior problems at school. She knows what she is doing. I'm sure she can help you all out with your children too. 
My son has shown a lot more character. Communication has increased when he feels a certain way and needs help getting through his problems."

~Marissa F.

"Progress has been made! Validating my child works wonders. Adults do have the ability to curb difficult behavior and influence the skills their children need to learn in order to grow and be healthy, mentally as well as physically. Good program."

Meet Maura Ardam

Founder of Get Kids To Behave, LLC

With 25 years experience as a teacher, I have helped kids transform negative behavior into respect, understanding, and cooperation. Now, I teach others how to create this same transformation. 

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~From, Katie N.

"My kids were just shy of 2 years old and 4 years old when I started working with Maura. I had already read a number of parenting books and tried different parenting strategies but was still struggling with my two strong-willed toddlers. I frequently felt hopeless and defeated when it came to dealing with my kids’ behavior. 


I was drawn to Maura’s method for getting kids to behave because it’s different than much of the current parenting advice that’s out there today. And also, because it doesn’t just make life easier for the parents, but it’s really about what’s best for the kids and their long-term success. 


I learned about the overarching principles of getting kids to behave and specific actions I could take to influence my kids’ behavior in certain situations. The advice was practical and applicable. I started noticing changes in my kids’ behavior quickly as I applied what I was learning. 


Maura has taken her years of experience getting school-aged kids to behave and has adapted it to toddlers with age-appropriate strategies that work! I would recommend this program to any parent who struggles with their child’s behavior. I feel more confident as a parent now that I’m using strategies that are both firm and respectful."

From, Marissa K.

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